Dr. Taflanidis Joins NHERI SimCenter as UQ Expert

Dr. Alexandros Taflanidis has been selected to join the NSF SimCenter (Center for Computational Modeling and Simulation) https://simcenter.designsafe-ci.org/. The SimCenter is part of NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) Network, and is leading the development of simulation technologies for natural hazards research in the US. Dr. Taflanidis joined the SimCenter to strengthen expertise on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ). His involvement will focus on characterization of uncertainties and sensitivities and utilization of efficient simulation based UQ methods, guiding Bayesian model updating implementation tools and providing support for multi-criteria decision making in the presence of uncertainty. This involvement will establish a platform to broadly promote within the Hazards Simulation Community the name, work and tools of CICS. He is the third Notre Dame faculty member to join the SimCenter team. The other two members include Dr. Ahsan Kareem (Wind Simulation and UQ analysis) and Dr. Tracy Kijewksi-Correa (Community engagement/outreach).