CICS 2019 Seed Grant Program (Application Deadline Wednesday, December 19th, 2018)

Center for Informatics and Computational Science – 2019 Seed Grant Program

Request for Proposals

I. Research Goals for 2019

The Center for Informatics and Computational Science (CICS) requests proposals from Notre Dame faculty adhering to the guidelines described below that address CICS’ interdisciplinary research in the interface of Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Uncertainty Quantification, and Dynamical Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling. Of particular interest are proposals that resonate with recent national funding initiatives including among many the Physics of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Research Associate, Accelerated Molecular Discovery, Networks and Analytics, and other. All submitted proposals should contribute to the advancement of unifying mathematical, statistical and/or machine learning themes towards predictive modeling of complex engineering and scientific applications. Projects with potential for future large proposals are particularly welcome. CICS will support any number based on the quality of the submitted proposals.

Proposals must be interdisciplinary, multi-PI (with at least one member of the team an active CICS member) and should address as many of the evaluation criteria (Section III) as possible.

II. Funding Goals for 2019

We anticipate supporting projects with budgets no more than $50,000 for one year (Projects most likely to gain support will aim for a completion period of one year, although particularly meritorious proposals of greater duration will be considered). Budgets may include personnel (PhD students, Postdocs), modest travel, or supplies. No summer faculty support is allowed.

III. Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria: (a) scientific excellence in areas advancing the mission of the CICS; (b) potential to start new, or enhance existing, collaborations within CICS; (c) well-defined plan of research with clear milestones; (d) leveraging of existing resources; (d) potential for technology translation; and (e) potential to transition to long term projects within CICS with sustainable funding drawing upon external resources. Specifically excluded are research projects that primarily result in incremental improvements to the existing state of practice.

The investigators funded by these seed projects are expected to become active members of the CICS and contribute to its research, educational and outreach missions.

Research proposals will be evaluated from on-campus and outside experts. Final decisions will be made in consultation with the CICS steering committee. Steering Committee members will be recused from evaluation of any proposal in which they are involved.

IV. Format

All proposals should be submitted by the deadline as a single PDF file containing all of the elements listed below:

1. Title page -- including title and the contact information for the PI and all co-PIs

2. Main proposal -- 4-page limit (not including references). This section must include: (a) short summary; (b) goals/aims; (c) research plan, and (d) personnel and resources leveraged.

3. Bibliography (no page limit)

4. Two-page CVs for all PIs

5. Budget with justification

V. Due Date

All proposals are due no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, December 19th, and should be submitted by e-mail to For further information please contact Prof. N. Zabaras at Funding decisions will be made by mid-January, 2019.