The Center for Informatics and Computational Science (https://cics.nd.edu/) at the University of Notre Dame announces interest in receiving applications for CICS Postdoctoral Fellowships in research at the interface of information sciences and scientific computing. The research efforts at CICS center around the development of innovative machine and deep learning techniques as applied to predictive modeling of complex systems in engineering and the sciences. The goals of the program are to enhance research at CICS and to build a community of post-doctoral scholars in support of its research, education and outreach missions.


Recipients of the fellowships will be ND CICS Postdoctoral Fellows. They will be given the opportunity to work with one or more of the CICS faculty members. They will participate in lectures, publications, outreach activities, and research presentations at conferences, national meetings, and other research-focused events, including those organized by CICS. They will be mentored and participate in the teaching of core CICS courses, in research proposal preparation, and advising Ph.D. students in interdisciplinary research. Each fellowship will be for a two-year period and will provide funding for salary and benefits, travel, and other allowances.


This program is intended to strengthen CICS faculty research programs and to enhance the development of new research directions and preliminary methodology development necessary for new proposals to external agencies.


We anticipate funding up to four CICS Postdoctoral Fellows beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year.




While a direct transfer and application of machine learning tools to data generated by physics/ chemistry/biology simulations and experiments has already produced promising results, it is becoming more and more apparent that in order to provide further breakthroughs a synergistic environment should be developed. The challenge to address is how one can integrate physical/chemical laws, which provide a potentially infinite source of data and encode invariances and symmetries that govern the behavior of physical/biological systems, with the undisputed ability of un-, semi-supervised learning tools for extracting patterns, learning relationships and effecting dimensionality reduction. Significant interests are also in Bayesian learning of physical laws from limited observations, development of generative coarse-grained models in physics, chemistry and biology, learning the dynamical evolution of complex systems under uncertainties and other.





We are interested on individuals with one or more of the following skills: (1) Strong analytical, algorithmic, and coding skills (2) Experience in Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, (3) Hands-on experience with deep learning implementation frameworks (PyTorch, Tensor Flow), (4) Experience in high-performance computing and simulation of 

continuum and/or molecular systems, (5) Team orientation and (6) Potential to lead a research direction on physics guided machine learning and a team of Ph.D. students.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. by the time of appointment in Computer Science/Informatics, Computational Mathematics or Statistics or any Engineering/Science discipline.




Interested candidates are encouraged to contact CICS faculty members to discuss these positions. They should apply by emailing Mayra Ballines, mballine@nd.edu and include (in PDF format):

- a CV with the names of up to three references

- a statement of research experience, interests and goals

- a one-page research  proposal statement as relates to the desired objectives for these positions

- up to 3 indicative publications/preprints.

Further details about the positions are available upon request. Evaluation of applicants will start immediately and continue until the positions are filled. Compensation levels are competitive based on prior background and experience.


The University of Notre Dame seeks to attract, develop, and retain the highest quality faculty, staff and administration. The University is an Equal Opportunity and affirmative action employer with a strong commitment to fostering a culturally diverse atmosphere for faculty, staff and students. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.




For more information about the

CICS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, contact:


Mayra Ballines

Administrative Program Manager