Membership in the Center for Informatics and Computational Science aims to grow scientific coherency at Notre Dame around data-driven predictive modeling and design of complex systems in science and engineering.

The CICS works to bring members together, enabling researchers to do more than they could apart, including increased collaborative proposals and publication in high-impact journals. Members are also provided with a variety of seed funding opportunities, multidisciplinary curriculum, access to software tools, and weekly CICS seminars to engage colleagues and students on understanding the challenges and opportunities provided by an information-theoretic approach to scientific computing

Types of Membership

The CICS membership categories include: 

Regular Member

Tenure-track, research, or emeritus Notre Dame faculty member who has performed or has the potential to perform high quality interdisciplinary research in the interface of computational mathematics and statistics, information sciences, and scientific computational modeling of complex systems in science and engineering.

Affiliated Member

Individual external to Notre Dame, who is an active participant and collaborator to current research conducted at the CICS. This can include researchers from national laboratories, industry, and other universities. A nomination by a Regular Member is required. 

Membership Requirements

Membership to the Center will be reviewed every five years by the forthcoming Management Committee. Regular members are expected to actively participate in research, educational, and/or outreach activities of the Center. This can include participation in scientific interdisciplinary proposal preparation, teaching core courses relevant to the CICS’ mission, advising affiliated Ph.D. students, and more.

All Regular Members are expected to acknowledge in their publications support and affiliation with the CICS. In addition, it is expected that proposals submitted by members that are relevant to the Center's mission will be affiliated with the CICS in the Cayuse system. Any faculty that receives seed grants from the CICS is expected to be an active member of the Center. 

Apply for Membership

To apply for a membership and be included on the CICS website, please submit a request to Nicholas Zabaras, including a brief CV and a statement of qualifications/interest for membership based on the above bylaws.